About Us

Excellence is not a spectator sport. Everyone's involved.

Meji Media is led by Gurmej Singh Pawar, who developed the business with a belief in the importance of creating and managing outstanding events.

Graduating with a Masters in Economics, Gurmej traded the volatile world of investment banking for the even more unpredictable world of events management, having discovered a real talent for creating exciting events.

Starting almost a decade ago, Meji Media has evolved into a successful company that has organised events and experiences around the globe. Our team has been built around the ethos that creativity and innovative thinking must be supported with good financial and business acumen, to ensure your event achieves a tangible return. These are the underlying principles that guide Meji Media to produce successful events that work.

We believe that your reasons for hosting an event should be clarified right at the beginning, so that each stage of event planning and implementation is geared towards achieving your event objective.

Our vision is to ensure each event fulfils its ultimate goal.

We believe passionately in:

  • Inspiring people through creative event management
  • Creating memorable experiences, not just organising events
  • Ensuring these inspirational experiences help your business grow