Posted on 28/05/2015.

We all know we have a comfort zone. We feel most as ease here. It’s the place where anxiety or stress cannot get in. While it seems perfect, there is a quote that I love to remember, “Nothing extraordinary ever happens within your comfort zone.” And it’s true.

Although stepping outside of your comfort zone can be scary, it is a positive step towards great things, particularly in the workplace. So, here are some tips to help you get your employees taking the leap of faith and stepping into unknown, but brilliant territories.


It is always good to start with company leaders. Their attitude towards staff is important. Good managers need to guide and advise employees while still giving them the space to flourish. If you want your employees to work beyond their usual responsibilities, then they really do need their independence. It is important to allow your employees to gain the freedom to make their own, informed decisions. It can be scary to allow employees undergo new tasks without implying senior leadership; however it is one of the greatest ways to get your employees to flourish and think outside of the box.


Adding to the idea of leadership attitudes, encouraging confidence in staff is key. Employees should believe that they can do it, if you make it clear that you believe in your employees, you team will thrive. Taking on new tasks is a daunting thing, the fear drives from the lack of self-belief, and this is something a simple sentence can fix. “I believe you can do it”. You can very easily help people realize their strengths and get them using their abilities and thinking of them as strengths.

Goal setting and recognition

If you are a regular reader of our content, you already know that we deem goal recognition important. The fact is people work better with a specific goal to strive for. An amazing way to encourage your employees to step out of their comfort zone is by allocating a particular target that they need to achieve. This will help immensely to help develop ideas. Breaking down their goals into smaller, and manageable stages reduces stress and improves the innovation of your team. It is a great idea to implement rewards; it will make the targets more desirable for the employees.


In order to get the employees out of their comfort zone, the main thing is to help them to do it. Being able to be there throughout all of the steps above shows great leadership and really provides the team with confidence needed to take steps to innovation. With that idea in mind, mentoring and one on one meeting will help achieve this more efficiently. We can help you motivate your team through incentive days/events, read more here.

Team Building Days

Often, employees are stuck repeating their daily activities and not doing anything innovative due to the lack of team support. There are sometimes external factors such as being out of touch with the team members that can constrict employees. Team building is about effective results! The objective of many team building days is to ensure your organisation works better to improve efficiency and innovation. A team building day is a vital element in achieving this goal, if it’s planned to suit the requirements of your team. Let us help achieve this. Click here for more information on team building and mixer days.