Corporate Gift Bag Tips

Posted on 02/10/2015.

Corporate gift bags are easy to get wrong; they always seem like a great idea until you see an influx of confetti across the venue floor along with the novelty gifts that you thought was a great idea at the time. Well, there are some tips that I have picked up over the years that may help you get your goody bags, out of the door and into the offices of your clients or clients to be, in some cases.

Size Matters

Firstly I would suggest you make your bag smaller, now I am merely assuming here, but the common mistake people make is large bags. A full bag is much more pleasing than a half empty bag, because let’s face it, most of us are very pessimistic and would never consider it to me a ‘half full’ bag. The thought of emptiness has already put a negative feeling in your guest’s minds, get a smaller bag, the gratitude goes through the roof that way.
A Personal Touch

Secondly, add something personal to each gift bag. It doesn’t have to be extremely personal; a named card would be more than enough to get your guests to engage with your gifts. After all, if you put the trouble of personally addressing your guests, the least they could to is pay attention to the gifts, and maybe even keep something in their office a while, right? It is a proven way to connect with your guests, try it, and thank me later. Personalisation does not have to be excessive, and in fact it works better to be subtle, simply add something to show your guests that they matter individually.


A gift bag without saying, needs to look nice, like the presents under the tree, the presentation is everything. Finding a bag that looks the part is important. When you are given your goody bag, your first impressions really make a difference in regards to valuing what is inside. If the bag looks very luxurious, chances are the things inside instantly have value to the receiver. Have the gift bags presented in a way that instantly means they are important, gift bags are often left on an end table as your guests are leaving the event, this devalues the items and it always often results in tipped bangs and a messy set up. Have a person hand the bags to each of your guests, ensure they are charming and the bags will instantly mean more to each of the guests receiving them.

Value not Junk

After you’ve received your umpteenth pen or USB drive, you start to realise that free swag doesn’t always equal desirable or useful stuff. Although I have a keyring from an event, there has been almost 100’s that I have thrown away, free swag doesn’t offer an ROI for you and frankly, most guests don’t value it. You want your guests to feel as though the items are of high quality and or at least valuable. A simple way to add perceived quality to a gift bag is to make sure that all the design elements are consistent, ensure that the items tie together, create a theme for the bag or have your items follow a colour scheme.

Ensure that your gifts are of good quality and are not plastered with your logo, as I come to my last point…

Be Careful with Branding

Branding the products in a gift bang can be a great idea in regards to brand awareness, but over kill can decrease the value of your items in the eyes of the guests. Large logos do exactly the same as excessive logos. A subtle item with modest branding will go a long way, there are items from events I have used for over a year, just because it was a useful item and the logo wasn’t too obnoxious.


For a good gift bag, your items need to appear as though they have been thought about, maintain a colour scheme (brand related) or have a theme (e.g. motivational, digital, and recyclable). Ensure you have chosen bags that look professional, and that the items you are giving away fit nicely. Don’t add keyrings, pens and USB drives for the sake of branding and in regards to branding, don’t overdo it.

We hope these tips will help you well you are organising your own event and of course, if you need help with organising your event, weather that is a product launch, corporate meeting or even a Christmas event, just send an email.