Why choose us

As we are unique, we accommodate the uniqueness of others.

In contrast to many of our competitors, Meji Media organise our own events in addition to client events. We believe in the importance of a clear purpose for any business event.

Meji Media put our money where our mouth is!
Few event management companies have real experience of financing their own events, meaning they have no direct appreciation of evaluating risk and knowing how to make the numbers stack. By understanding the value of the hard earned money that goes into events, we appreciate the importance of return on investment.

Meji Media began by financing, marketing and selling space at our own events, whether through group incentive trips abroad or shared Christmas Party nights. With the ability to make our own events a success, we transfer the same ethos into client events. Just as we look for a return on investment on our events, we demonstrate how to make this possible for your events too via detailed financial planning and efficient delivery, without compromising on the event experience.

An event won’t reach its potential without clear objectives
We believe all events should have a purpose and a tangible return. Many event companies focus purely on creativity and producing a visual and aesthetic masterpiece. Of course, events should be creative but they need a purpose too. Every element of planning and execution should have an end goal in mind, which in 99% of cases is a tangible return and business growth.

Here are some goals we achieve for the following events:

Team building days
Develop skills which get your team to think about working together better, not just enjoying a day out of the office. This enables the team to develop a rapport and arrive back to work with better skills and more motivation.

An efficient showcase of products /services that allow effective transfer of knowledge.

Christmas parties/incentive days
Reward staff so they feel valued and want to work even more effectively for your organisation. Inspire loyalty and trust.

Client hospitality days
Thank your clients for their business to encourage fruitful, long term relationships.